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Advantages of AQUA floor
 2022/08/02 | View:10

In-home decoration, people prefer floors with clear texture, natural environmental protection, and comfortable feet, but wooden floors always make people worried and tired when taking care of them, especially in the moisture-proof aspect in summer. Is there no moisture-proof wooden floor to choose from? Take a look at the advantages of the AQUA floor! It can make you no longer have the above worries.


AQUA floor

1. Widely used: waterproof and moisture-proof, without fear of moisture


With the help of high-quality processing technology and long-lasting durability, the AQUA floor is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms (dry areas), and other areas with extremely high humidity, and is suitable for all spaces.


2. Rich designs and colors: diverse styles, fearless of single



In addition to wood grain decors, AQUA floor series laminate flooring also provides tile effect, sandstone effect, and marble grain decors.


3. Convenient care: easy to clean, without fear of oil stains


The main advantage of the AQUA floor, which is suitable for wet areas, is that it is easy to clean. It can use steam cleaning tools directly. It is hygienic and comfortable. It is the best choice for a bathroom, porch, or kitchen.


4. Quality assurance: worry-free installation, fearless warranty


AQUA floor products are of super high quality and extremely durable. We believe that the quality of the AQUA floor ensures the lifetime use of families and ensures the beauty and durability of the floor.


5. Safety and environmental protection: health, worry-free, fear-free


In the production of laminate flooring, only fresh wood from sustainably managed forests and natural raw materials are used to ensure a healthy indoor environment.


Choosing AQUA floor means choosing quality, bringing you a long-term happy life, and creating a healthy and comfortable home.


Dongjia factory specializes in the production of laminate flooring, SPC flooring, and floor accessories. With high-quality products and services, we are willing to establish long-term, in-depth, and extensive cooperation with customers all over the world.

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