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What do you know about the advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring
 2022/06/21 | View:280
The reinforced floor is generally composed of wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer and balance layer. Many people only know that the reinforced floor is cheap, but do not understand its advantages and disadvantages, the following summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the strengthened floor, to help you more comprehensive understanding of the strengthened floor.

The advantages of laminate flooring

1, wear-resisting: the biggest advantage of aggrandizement floor nature is wear-resisting, aggrandizement floor wear-resisting degree wants higher than ordinary floor several times,

2, variety of patterns: in addition to wear-resistant laminate flooring, its pattern paper can be used to simulate a variety of wood patterns and colors, so it looks more beautiful.

3, structural stability: because the original break up the organization of the wood, destroyed the wood swelling dry shrinkage characteristics, so the size of the reinforced floor is very stable, can also be used in the heating system of the room.

laminate flooring

4, the price is cheap: aggrandizement floor the price is cheap is well-known,

5, maintenance-free: in addition to these, strengthen the floor also anti-impact, anti-static, anti-pollution, light resistance, not only easy to install, maintenance up is also very simple.

The disadvantage of strengthening the laminate flooring

1, after the damage is difficult to repair: the base of the reinforced floor using high-density fiberboard, the biggest disadvantage of this board, is that the damage can not be repaired after soaking water, reinforced wood floor once soaking water, can only follow the exchange.

2, contain formaldehyde: because aggrandizement floor used a lot of adhesive dosage in the production process, its environmental protection performance nature can not be guaranteed, buy inferior aggrandizement wood floor certainly, will suffer formaldehyde poison for a long time.

3, the foot feeling is bad: aggrandizement floor thickness is 12mm, the base material layer density and the hardness are big, therefore aggrandizement floor the foot feeling also does not have the solid wood floor and the solid wood compound floor to be good, the comfortableness is slightly worse.

How to identify the quality of laminate flooring

Want to identify the strengthened floor, you can observe the floor surface gloss is uniform, pattern symmetry, there are no white spots and stains, whether the interface is neat without damage, there is no tiny sawtooth cracks.

In addition to looking at it, they also need to touch the surface of the floor with their hands to feel if there is any uneven feeling on the surface. Only the surface that is smooth is good to strengthen the floor. Secondly, they also need to smell the smell, strengthen the floor even if there is a slight irritant smell, but also explain its high formaldehyde content.

The above is for everyone to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the laminate flooring, I hope to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the floor reinforcement.
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