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How to buy the best laminate flooring
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Best laminate flooring is generally composed of a composite of four layers of materials, namely a wear layer, a decorative layer, a high-density substrate layer, and a balance (moisture-proof) layer. Laminate flooring is also known as impregnated paper laminate flooring, laminate flooring, qualified laminate flooring is made of one or more layers of specially impregnated thermosetting amino resin.

Best laminate flooring

Impregnated paper laminate flooring is impregnated with one or more layers of special paper impregnated with thermosetting amino resin, laid on the surface layer of particle board, high-density fiberboard and other man-made board substrates, with a balanced moisture-proof layer on the back and a wear-resistant layer and decorative layer on the front, and the flooring that is hot pressed and formed.


Generally 8mm and 12mm two kinds are more common. From the point of view of environmental protection, the thin is better than the thick. Because the thin one, the unit area with less glue. Thick, the density is not as high as the thin, impact resistance is almost, but the foot feels slightly better. In fact, the two differences are not big. In fact, these two kinds of flooring thickness quality are no difference, the key is to see the personal choice.

02 specifications

From the specifications are divided into standard, wide board and narrow board. Standard, the width is generally 191-195 mm, the length of about 1200 and 1300 or so. Wide board, the length is more than 1200 mm, the width is about 295 mm. For narrow board, the length is 900-1000 mm and the width is basically around 100 mm.


From the characteristics of the floor, there are crystal surface, embossed surface, locking, silent, waterproof, etc.

The crystal surface is basically the plane. Good care, good cleanup.

Embossed surface from the front, there is no difference with the crystal surface, side view, feel with your hands, the surface has wood grain-like pattern.

Locked, the seam of the floor, using the lock form, that is, to control the vertical displacement of the floor, but also to control the horizontal displacement of the floor; the original tongue and groove type, that is, often said the enterprise mouth floor, can only control the vertical displacement of the floor. And then the early wood flooring block, there is no tongue and groove at the joints, which side of the displacement can not be controlled, so the floor block often warped, walking tripping, much inconvenience.

Quiet, that is, the back of the floor with cork pad or other similar cork role of the mat. After using cork mats, the noise of stepping on the floor can be reduced by more than 20 decibels, to increase the feeling of feet, sound absorption, sound insulation effect. This is to improve the comfort of laminate flooring, play a positive role. It is also a direction of the future development of laminate flooring.

Waterproof, in the cut of laminate flooring, coated with waterproof resin or other waterproof materials, so that the external moisture moisture of the floor is not easy to invade, the internal formaldehyde is not easy to release, making the environmental protection of the floor, service life have been significantly improved; especially in a large area of laying, inconvenient to leave expansion joints, adding pressure strip conditions, can prevent the floor arching, reduce the floor shrinkage.

To sum up, the embossed, really good-looking; if the same gram of wear-resistant paper, crystal than the embossed wear-resistant degree is relatively high; silent footing is really good, is expensive; waterproof, good cost performance, recognize its role, not many people yet.

04 environmental protection

The third layer of best laminate flooring is the substrate layer, is high density board, it is crushed in the original wood, filled with glue, preservatives, additives, after the hot press high temperature and high pressure pressing processing, so there is the problem of formaldehyde.

laminate flooring sale

When choosing best laminate flooring, wear index, specifications, characteristics, etc. will not affect too much, mainly depends on the environmental protection, this is the most important. Environmental protection is not environmentally friendly, we will look at the environmental protection level on the limit of formaldehyde emission standards, the flooring world of environmental protection has experienced a total of E1, E0, FCF three technical revolutions. At an earlier stage, the formaldehyde emission standard of man-made board for E2 level (formaldehyde emission ≤ 30mg/100g), its formaldehyde emission limit is very loose, even if the products that meet this standard, its formaldehyde content may be more than E1 level man-made board more than three times, seriously endanger human health, so absolutely can not be used for home decoration and renovation. So there was the first environmental protection revolution, in this environmental protection revolution, the flooring industry to implement the E1 level of environmental protection standards, that is, formaldehyde emissions of ≤ 1.5 p.p.m. / L, although the human body basically does not pose a threat, but the floor still resides in many free formaldehyde. The flooring industry began a second environmental protection revolution, the introduction of the E0 level of environmental protection standards, so that the floor formaldehyde emissions reduced to 0.5 p.p.m. / L.

best laminate flooring is a high technology product, from the appearance, it is extremely difficult to distinguish the quality of good or bad, unless after quality inspection. Therefore, we recommend consumers to buy branded products. Well-known brands are generally tested by market operation and have established a good image in the minds of consumers. Well-known brands both guarantee the quality of products and responsible for laying and installation, more importantly, the future service is guaranteed, buy a peace of mind, but also free from worries. May be cheap flooring than the brand flooring per square meter can be cheaper on twenty, thirty yuan, but its utility, service life may only be brand flooring 1/2 or even less, and the lack of environmental protection and after-sales service guarantee.

The last is the installation problem, flooring installation has always been the key to affect the overall quality of the floor. Generally is the seller free installation. Buy as long as you discuss the price of skirting and door strips, of course, you better ask if there are other additional costs, just in case.

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