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How to choose Laminate floor and its advantages and disadvantages
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Laminate floor is coated with aluminum trioxide, which is a wear-resistant layer on its surface. Therefore, laminate flooring has a hard, wear-resistant surface and is resistant to scratches. Laminate floor is usually composed of 4 layers. From the surface to the inside, it is divided into wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, substrate layer, and balanced moisture-proof layer.

Laminate floor

First of all, the wear-resistant layer, as mentioned before, is a layer of aluminum trioxide. Usually, the wear-resistant layer is expressed by the number of wear-resistant revolutions. Domestic grade is ≥4000 rpm, commercial grade is ≥6000 rpm. Laminate flooring Laminate flooring is generally up to 6000 revolutions, to reach the commercial level. But it is not equal to the higher the number of revolutions is better, because the more revolutions means more aluminum trioxide, then the surface is more brittle, the easier to break. Basically, it is enough to reach the commercial level.

Next, the decorative layer. This layer is usually a layer of decorative paper, oil-impregnated paper. Usually are imitating the texture of solid wood, this layer also determines the floor color, grain. Whether clear. The living family floor usually adopts the German imported Tesinoce oil-impregnated paper, its texture is clear and transparent. Simulation of real wood effect is realistic. Anti-ultraviolet radiation, no discoloration, no fading.

Third, the substrate layer. This layer determines the quality of the floor itself, life. Whether the selected substrate is healthy and environmentally friendly, determine the health and environmental protection of the floor. Usually, the formaldehyde content (also known as formaldehyde emission) is mentioned.

Fourth, the balance of the moisture-proof layer. Usually are waxed, moisture-proof treatment.

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So, choose Laminate floor, roughly consider the following dimensions:

1, health and environmental protection. Formaldehyde emissions are up to standard. Nowadays, the market is up to the European standard, F4 stars, etc.

2, wear-resistant revolutions.

3, moisture treatment process.

4, cost performance.

Let's talk about what are the advantages of Laminate floor!

Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, anti-stepping and anti-pressure

General Laminate floor surface will be coated with a layer of aluminum trioxide, shade the floor wear resistance can reach more than tens of thousands of revolutions, compared with ordinary flooring, laminate flooring wear resistance to 5 to 10 times higher, and withstand heavy knocking, widely used by many owners.

1. Fashionable color, rich optional

Laminate floor color pattern is determined by the decorative paper on the surface of the floor, which is artificially processed at a later stage, so the color and style can be customized according to their preferences, not only to meet the daily needs of the owners, but also to match more different decoration styles, so that your home decoration is more in line with your temperament.

2. Easy to install, easy to maintain

The laminate flooring laid in the home decoration is generally installed by using the suspension method. In addition, Laminate floor in the daily cleaning, do not need to apply additional floor oil and floor wax, only need to simply clean the surface of the dirty on it.

3. Cheap price, cost-effective

Laminate floor price on the market is generally not very expensive, ordinary people can afford to spend, this floor can be said to be the cheapest of all flooring, and Laminate floor has wear-resistant, has cleaned the characteristics, the cost performance is also very high.

Let's talk about what are the disadvantages of Laminate floor!

1. Poor comfort

Laminate floor is actually a kind of man-made plate of less than 1mm thickness, so the comfort of this floor is self-evident. In addition, the price of Laminate floor and solid wood flooring difference of three times, and the advantages of Laminate floor is also solid wood flooring is not, so in order to control the cost of decoration of the family can choose laminate flooring.

2. Poor decorative effect

The surface of Laminate floor is made of artificial decorative paper, and the pattern of the surface can not reach the natural wood decorative pattern, so this floor and solid wood flooring compared to the decorative effect will be poor.

3. Poor environmental performance

Laminate floor in the production process will use a large amount of glue, so this flooring formaldehyde content is high. But we do not mention the formaldehyde becomes frightened, after all, the law for the formaldehyde content of the plate is by the explicit provisions.

In fact, the overall performance of Laminate floor is still very good, not only wear-resistant, moderate heat, and the price is relatively cheap, can reduce the economic pressure when the family decoration.

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