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How to restore the luster of SPC flooring
 2022/01/24 | View:256

SPC flooring is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and moisture, and is much easier to maintain than solid wood flooring. It only needs a little cleaning to keep SPC flooring bright and fresh. We suggest that when cleaning SPC flooring, you need to choose the proper cleaning agent and tools, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

SPC flooring

1. Cleaning tools: for SPC flooring cleaning, SPC flooring suppliers recommend using MOPS or vacuum cleaners, using microfiber mops to remove dirt and dust that can be wiped clean without damaging the floor. If the use vacuum cleaner cleaning, you need to pay attention to replacing the floor suction head, do not use a rotating brush, will scratch the floor, resulting in scratches if deep words are not easy to repair.

2. Detergents: some detergents can tarnish floors, especially soaps or oily detergents. If you want to protect your floors, SPC flooring suppliers recommend using SPC flooring-specific floor cleaner.

SPC flooring

3. Cleaning steps: when cleaning, you can directly put the cleaner on the floor, just a small amount, as far as a possible uniform spray some, and then wipe open with a mop, take care not to use too much water to clean the floor.

SPC flooring, as widely used decoration material, is now more and more families choose it, the future market development is also very big.

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