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What's the best combination of Grey laminate flooring?
 2022/07/19 | View:19

Want to buy grey laminate flooring, but don't know how to best match it? Today I'm going to talk about the grey laminate flooring solution.


Generally speaking, the decoration company will advise the owner to follow: The Wall is shallow, the ground, furniture deep color matching principle, conforms to the visual aesthetic.


Light Gray, is one of the advanced grays, it's elegant and quiet to create the majority of people's eyes. Tone purity is not high, seemingly monotonous but full of rich imagination space, used in the interior design and soft with the most perfect!


Grey laminate flooring + white wall


The collocation of light gray and white wall is the most classic, color and gray are the same color of all kinds, the two blend with each other, without showing out of nowhere, the purity and tranquility of white wall, light gray low-key restrained, gray and white intertwined in the interior space, create a clean yet soft atmosphere.


Grey laminate flooring

Grey laminate flooring + light camel wall


As Giorgio Morandi in the light camel and high-grade gray is also included in the Morandi color, loved by people. Light Camel and the earth color are similar, on this basis to join the shallow gray tone, and high-grade gray complement each other, to create a peaceful, peaceful mood.


Grey laminate flooring + grey metope


Collocation with the same color is also a good choice. Let the space is full of a gray tone, to create a high-level, elegant space atmosphere, in-piece gray tone, the heart of the trouble was swept away, boring no longer, from the inner peace and calm, this is the magic of gray.


Dongjia factory specializes in laminate flooring, SPC flooring, and flooring accessories, and has several production lines made in Germany. If you want to know more about grey laminate flooring, please feel free to contact us.

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