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Dongjia Floor warranty only apples to original purchasers of  Dongjia flooring and is not transferable.

Warranty Limitations

1.The laminate surface will not wear through,

2.The floor will not face due to the sun or electrical light

3.The floor will not stain

4.The floor will resist damage from moisture due to the damp mopping and everyday spills when removed promptly

5.The joint will remain secure under normal use condition.

This liminted warranty does not cover any damage that occurs during installation.it is important you follow our installation and maintenance instructions provided together with products.(installtion)

Warranty exclusions:

1.the floor must be used only indoors in a dry, climate-controlled area.

2. Damaged resulting from wet maintenance,extreme heat or using detergents,abrasive cleaners,soaps,waxes or polishes is not covered by this warranty.

3.Damage must not have occurred as a result of improper or inadequate maintenance or  accidents,sush as damage caused by scratching,impact or cutting,damage resulting from the use of rotating beater bars,floor scrubbers,steamers,jet mops, buffers or similar products is not covered by this limited warranty.

4.These limited warranties do not apply to damage caused by water or moisture in the subfloor or underneath the flooring.

5.These limited warranties do not apply to moldings.

The preceding list is illustrative but not exclusive of many other kinds of problems not caused by manufacturing defects.

How to make claims:

Any claim under any of the limited warranties above must be made by contacting us within 15days after the basis of the claim is detected.

Evidence of the claimed products: photos,video, samples, order information ect…are required.

If Dongjia Floor accepts a claim under any of the limited warranties,we will analize the problem and work out a final solution with customer within 5working days.

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