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How does SPC flooring tell the good from the bad
 2022/02/16 | View:673

As an environmentally friendly and durable floor, SPC flooring not only has the advantages of reinforced flooring but also combines the features of solid wood flooring with good environmental protection and foot feeling, it is very important to know how to judge SPC flooring when you buy it, so today I'd like to share a few simple ways to judge it.

SPC flooring

First of all, the formaldehyde content of SPC flooring is relatively lower than that of the common composite floor, so we only need to cut some samples of the floor and seal them in a jar, and wait for the formaldehyde to volatilize, you can tell the difference at 24 hours by testing the formaldehyde concentration on a strip. It is then possible to determine the degree of wear resistance of the surface. The SPC flooring is coated with aluminum oxide, so it is very resistant to abrasion, the poor quality of the floor will have obvious scratches. There is a moistureproof characteristic, you can put the sample into boiling water immersion, wait for 10 minutes after measuring the thickness and water before comparison to see the swelling rate of water absorption thickness.

SPC flooring

SPC flooring, as a widely used decoration material, is now more and more families choose it, the future market development is also very big. It is equally important to choose a guaranteed manufacturer if you want to buy good SPC flooring.

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