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Can you lay laminate flooring when you have underfloor heating installed in your home
 2022/03/16 | View:514

A: After the installation of floor heating at home, the surface is paved with wood flooring, is there any problem in choosing laminate flooring? The answer is not recommended to use laminate flooring. The reason is as follows.

Mainly laminate flooring has many layers of internal wood structure, each layer of structure need to be bonded by a lot of glue, and the internal floor material moisture content is not the same, it will not change much at room temperature; but under the baking of the floor heating, the surface temperature is much higher than room temperature, if the internal material of certain levels of moisture contained in the heavier words, it will bring deformation, warp up, and can not be repaired.


In addition, the aforementioned laminate flooring will have a lot of internal glue bonding, glue composition will have a lot of formaldehyde class, the boiling point of formaldehyde is relatively low, when baked in the floor heating, will accelerate the internal formaldehyde class of substances emitted, and even the volatilization of other substances, so the environmental pollution brought is relatively large.

Here is a common sense perception needs to be corrected.

I work with a lot of people worried about the installation of floor heating, will bring formaldehyde pollution, ask me if it is the problem of floor heating? In fact, this problem, can not blame the floor heating, the amount of indoor formaldehyde, indeed, has nothing to do with the floor heating itself, floor heating construction is not used in this type of material. The amount of formaldehyde depends entirely on the interior decoration materials and furniture environmental friendliness, but only in the environment of floor heating, intensified the internal content of volatilization.

Underfloor heating environment, to use wood flooring, which is the best type?

Flooring can be divided into laminate flooring (laminate flooring), solid wood flooring, solid wood three-layer flooring and solid wood laminate flooring (multi-layer solid wood flooring) several categories, it has been said before, the reason for not recommending the use of laminate flooring; the best wood flooring material used in the underfloor heating environment, I think it is solid wood multi-layer flooring, its appearance and solid wood flooring is basically the same, wood texture is very beautiful, cheaper and more affordable than solid wood flooring, easy to lay and maintain; more mainly can be used in the underfloor heating environment, the later stability is better.

Solid wood flooring used in underfloor heating, one is thicker very heat resistance, in addition very worried about internal moisture and deformation, of course, expensive is also a reason. Now there are also floor heating special solid wood flooring on the market, such as can be used in the floor heating environment.

Therefore, in the floor heating environment, it is not recommended to pave laminate flooring, although the price is cheap, but it is easy to deformation, in addition to formaldehyde content is very high; my advice is to use multi-layer solid wood flooring, mainly cheap and affordable, post-maintenance is more simple than solid wood flooring; if you want to use solid wood flooring, be sure to choose solid wood flooring with special logo for floor heating.

MDF laminate flooring

Finally, no matter which type of wood flooring is used, it will be more heat resistance than floor tiles, so I often recommend the use of faux wood grain floor tiles in my work, which can have a balanced effect.

If the user does like wood flooring, in order to improve the heat dissipation in the room, it is recommended to replace the foam padding underneath the wood flooring with a special foam floor mat with heat-conducting holes, so that the heat from the floor heating will be transferred directly to the wood flooring through the heat-conducting holes.

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