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How to choose a good Laminate floor
 2022/06/28 | View:27

The Laminate floor structure can be divided into decorative layer, wear-resistant layer, high-density substrate layer, moisture-proof layer. So how to choose a good Laminate floor, then to share three tips to help you can choose the best, buy your favorite Laminate floor products.

1. Smell: generally speaking, inferior Laminate floor will have a more pungent smell to send out, as long as walk into within one meter can smell, inferior product release bad smell contains harmful gas such as formaldehyde, long-term contact is harmful to health. But the high-quality aggrandizement floor is opposite with it, the high-quality product can have a faint wood fragrance, formaldehyde and so on harmful gas release quantity conforms to the national regulation standard close to the fine smell, some green floor can even achieve zero formaldehyde.

Laminate floor

2. Look: generally speaking, inferior Laminate floor because of the paint that uses is poorer, color can slant dark, pattern grain is more fuzzy also, if long-term suffer sunshine irradiate, can appear obvious fade mark; The high-quality Laminate floor will not appear above the circumstance, under the sunlight will reflect the metallic luster, the pattern texture is clear and true. In addition, the quality of the reinforced floor in the actual installation of splicing is more fit, leaving even seam, smooth changes in the interface pattern.

3. Touch: generally speaking, the quality of Laminate floor, particle rough, touch is very bad; and high-quality laminate are high-density board, particle uniform non-mottled, touch smooth, hard.

That's the end of the Laminate floor knowledge for today. You can follow us if you like.


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