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SPC flooring installation Tips
 2022/06/08 | View:17

1. Products are intended for interior installations with temperatures ranging between 15C to 38C. 

2. The SPC floor must be installed on the hard ground. It is forbitten to install SPC flooring on non-hard ground or elastic ground. Do not install products over carpet, foam underlayment more than 1.5mm, or in sunrooms, solariums, saunas, seasonal porches, camping trailers, boats or RV’s. 

3. The installation of SPC flooring requires higher flatness of foundation ground. Otherwise, self-leveling concrete should be used to level the ground. 

4. It is suggested to use padding with the thickness of 1mm. It’s forbidden to use the padding which more than 2mm. Especially for SPC thickness of 3.5 to 4.0mm, the click is easier to break and disconnect if the ground is not flat or the padding is too thick. 

5. Due to the thermal expansion and contraction of PVC, please keep distance around 8-10mm between the floor and the wall during the installation. If there is a floor heating, the distance should be even more. 

6. The condition for under flooring heating system is the surface temperature is limited up to 27 degrees. Due to the difficulty of following this condition, we do not recommend to use infrared film under the PVC tiles, as well as using this surface in the rooms that are heated only by water or electric warm floor. but only when the surface temperature is limited up to 27 degrees.


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