How is Dongjia laminate flooring constructed?
 Feb 08, 2018|View:648

Wear Layer

To maintain our quality guarantee and warrantee,ensuring that whether you require flooring for the home or office, it is going to hold up under the conditions. The standards of our wear layers are as follows: AC2,AC3,AC4

Design Paper

Integral to the look of your flooring and space, the design layer is important to get right. Our design papers are printed with fine inks imported from Europe, ensuring high colour intensity, zero fading, uniform colour distribution and natural looking wood tones.

HDF board

Sourced from managed poplar forests, our coreboard density is set at 860kg/m3. This is the optimal density for reliable lock systems and durable resistance which can withstand heavy foot traffic.

Balance Paper

Carefully selected to balance the pressures of the opposite wear and design layers during production, our balance paper is available in colours: brown, Beige, grey .Company branding is available for large orders.

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