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Gloss Piano Collection

The good and bad of the floor is not distinguished by matte and glossy, matte floor and Gloss Piano Laminate floor is just a different paint used for the floor. There is no difference in performance, just like furniture painted white and red there is no difference, according to personal preference. The difference is the quality of the paint chosen is good or bad, may have an impact on the quality of the floor. Regardless of the kind of paint are containing formaldehyde, in the purchase of flooring to pay attention to the smell, if the floor has an obvious pungent smell (just open the packaging of the floor), indicating that the floor formaldehyde is over the limit, the purchase is to be cautious. There are also matte flooring and gloss laminate flooring using different room lighting, the choice of different flooring, in principle, the use of good lighting matte flooring, and vice versa, the use of bright light, mainly according to personal preference.

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